Kendra and Miguel

I met Miguel, Kendra and Kendra’s mother Liz back in early 2009 when they were planning their 2010 wedding date.  Right away… I knew that this would not be an ordinary wedding… as Kendra and Miguel were not the ordinary couple.  They met in Chile and both come from strong Christian families.  They became smitten with each other instantly and became inseparable.  Kendra and Miguel had some ideas of how to bring the Chilean influence into their reception and together we designed a reception around them and the love that they share. 

Since their reception followed the holidays, cocktail and dinner hour was a mix of contemporary artists and holiday music and soon Kendra and Miguel, along with their bridal party pulled up to Pine Grove CC ready to celebrate with their family and friends.

Kendra and Miguel's First DanceGary and the staff at Pine Grove CC always do a fine job in the events details, and are a pleasure to work with.  Kendra and Miguel along with their bridal party were then introduced into the room to “All You Need Is Love” by Lyden David Hall first, followed by fun introductions for each of their bridal party members.  After introductions, Kendra and Miguel welcomed their guests and then proceeded to share their cake cutting ceremony with their guests.  Little did guests know about another special cake cutting to happen a little later on in the evening.

Kendra’s Father Terry is a quiet man and very proud of his daughter’s accomplishments.  He took the microphone and congratulated his daughter and new son-in-law, welcoming his family into theirs.  Guests enjoyed an outstanding sit down meal after Father Francisco gave his blessing.  Just after dinner, Kendra and Miguel presented Kendra’s nephews Bryce and Jake a cake to celebrate their birthdays and led in the singing of “Happy Birthday”.  What a great moment!

The Proof of a Hot Night for Kendra and MiguelThe dance floor was then cleared so guests could return to join Kendra and Miguel and the sharing of their Love Story followed by their first dance as husband and wife.  To keep with the Chilean roots, they chose a song entitled “Angel del Pasado” by the Chilean band Natalino.  Terry and Kendra shared a unique Father/Daughter dance next to “Venus In Blue Jeans” by Jimmy Canton, followed by Miguel and Alicia’s Mother/Son dance, each with their own personalized touches.

A traditional Chilean “cueca” kicked off our dancing and the party continued until late.  A Latin feel mixed with traditional American music and spiced up with a little reggaeton was the order of the night musically and everyone seemed to have a GREAT time!  We even incorporated a Chilean tradition for the Garter Bouquet with Kendra’s leg on a stool for the garter removal as is customary in Chile.  You know that it’s a great night of partying and celebration for a beautiful couple when you have pictures like this to prove how much people danced.

Thanks Kendra and Miguel for a wonderful wedding celebration!

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