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Gladstone High School Prom 2012

Gladstone High School had their prom this past weekend. We all had a blast working! I was working the photobooth and that was packed from start to finish, the students just love it! Watching them make the goofy faces and poses made me laugh the whole night. There were a lot a very pretty dresses, having different prints was the huge fashion for this prom season.
The students had a ton of requests and were dancing the whole night. The uplighting underneath the high boy tables, looked amazing on the outside of the dance floor. The students had some very creative ideas for decorating, I thought they did a wonderful job turning that gym into a fairytale scenary. The butterflies with their names on them in the entryway were just beautiful.

Amanda Jasso
Creative Director
Taylored Weddings

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WOW!  This is what I exclaimed upon entering the room to setup for Bark River Harris Prom with the theme Club 2012!  AMAZINGLY decorated by the students complete with a VIP lounge area, poster drawings of artists such as Ke$ha, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Beiber and others, their own “mocktail” bar and a beautifully designed sweet table only to be topped by the fact that they brought in a lighted dance

floor from The Dance Machine that went to the beat of the music from Green Bay Wisconsin.  Outstanding job by Doug!

The students also enjoyed the live video feed on the dance floor where they could show off their latest moves to their friends and our live text feature sending shout outs to their friends and requests to the DJ.  I had to laugh when one of the music videos showed a very handsome man and the girls were fawning over him when he came on screen!

Bark River Harris tradition states that the Homecoming King and Queen crown the Prom King and Queen and that happened shortly after the Grand March where Dustin DeGrave was announced Prom King and Justina Liss was crowned Queen and they danced to “Long Live” by Taylor Swift for their Prom Song.  Congratulations Dustin and Justina!  The night ended with their Class Song:  Wherever I Go by Miley Cyrus.

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What an amazing night for Gladstone High School!  Their 2011 prom theme was “A Night To Shine” and indeed they did.  The Gladstone High Gym was transformed with a red carpet runway lit up that you see to the left for the entryway complete with a huge lighted star at the end and “strobelight” flashbulbs going off as the paparazzi when they entered.  

Students raved about the set-up that included decor lighting changing to the beat of the music around the whole perimeter of the gym, they texted “shout outs” to their friends and everyone who texted in a message or request was entered into our drawing for a FREE $1000 Grad Party Giveaway courtesy of Taylored Weddings.  How cool was that?

Some of the students commented after Prom that they thought we were brought in from Chicago with the music videos, decor lighting, live video cam on the dance floor and live text happening all at their prom!  The students danced the night away to their favorite music videos on the big screen from all kinds of artists such as Pitbull, Ke$ha, Troop 41 and Lil Wayne.About 10:30pm the Grad Party Giveaway was drawn and the lucky winner was Justin Therrian!  Congratulations Justin!  We hope to be rockin’ your grad party soon!


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