Tips From The Pros – UP Photo Booth

Photo Booths are starting to become VERY popular here in the U.P. Here are tips from UP Photo Booth on what to look for when searching fun keepsakes for your wedding day.1.  Understand EVERYTHING offered in your photo booth options.  Is the booth you will have at your wedding day open or closed (curtain to hide behind or not).  Lots of brides and grooms get back their photos from the day on disc or worse yet have pictures uploaded to the internet of shots that they may not really want to have or be seen online.  An open booth can add to the ambiance and energy of your wedding day while still providing a fun atmosphere. 

2.  Attended or Not?  Some Photo Booth companies provide an attendant while others do not.  Consider that this person ensures that your photos in the booth turn out great instead of leaving your guests to push a button and stare at the monitor and not in the camera, now giving you less desirable photos than you would get otherwise.  The key here is to maximize your time and money.  Having someone there to ensure quality photos and experience for your guests is important.

3.  Beware the “extremely” low price.  In order to get the low price, corners must be cut somewhere.  Is the booth manned?  Do you get copies of all of your prints?  Are guests charged to use the booth (tacky!)?  Will your photos be smudged because the company is using a cheap Walmart photo printer instead of a high quality sub dye?  All great questions to ask and understand before you turn over your hard earned money.

Do your homework in every aspect of your wedding planning and happy planning!

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